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(Me and Susan Elizabeth Phillips)

My name is Mandy and I am absolutely obsessed, possessed, and consumed by books. I like to think of myself as a professional reader specializing in happily ever afters. I’ve been a reader my whole life and read a wide variety of genres but I always seem to come back to chasing my HEA’s, because life is hard enough and sometimes you just crave a story with a predicable ending. I started this blog to share my love of books with other fellow book bloggers, so please don’t hesitate to jump in and chat with me!

How To Contact Me:

If you’d like to contact me about reviewing your book, please email me at:


I will return your email within 48 hours.

*I don’t like leaving negative reviews anywhere, so if I can’t write a positive, professional, and positive review on your work I will let you know that I will not be posting a review on your work. I believe authors put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work and just because a book isn’t for me, that doesn’t mean the book or the author needs to be bashed all over the internet.

I love to read a wide variety of genres but this blog will mostly be dedicated to romance and it’s sub genres; Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Erotica and Romantic Suspense

My Rating System

For years I’ve joked with my friends in my book besties that I have so many book boyfriends that I could have a book boyfriend baseball team, so I’ve decided to make that come to life. Well as much as you possibly can with fictional characters.

Starting Position – This means he’s made it to the top of the list in my book boyfriend list because he’s given me all of the swoony feels.

Second String – He’s hot, but he’s needs a few more practice sessions before he gets called up to the big leagues.

Minor League – Basically he needs a woman to whip him into shape so he has a chance to make the team at all.

3-3.5 Cubes of Sugar – I really enjoyed it.

4-4.5 Cubes of Sugar – I couldn’t put it down.

5 Cubes of Sugar – I have all of the feels and can’t get this book off of my mind!

6 Cubes of Sugar – I LOVED it so much that I’m now in a diabetic coma from the sweet tooth this book gave me.

XOXO, Mandy

11 thoughts on “About/How To Contact Me/Review Policy

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  5. Sorry, I was meant to write more but I accidentally pressed enter!

    I was going to say that I am so jealous that you got to meet SEP. She was the first romance author I ever read and now romances are all I read!


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