ARC Review: A Sure Thing by Marie Harte


  • Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Published: November 1, 2016
  • Series: The Donnigans #1
  • Amazon  | B&N | Kobo | iBooks
  • I received an ARC via the publisher in exchange for an honest review



“A blazing hot, emotionally intense love story launches a new series from an author on the rise.” Kirkus for A SURE THING

Praise for Marie Harte’s McCauley Brothers series:

“Funny, addicting, and full of hot sex scenes.” – Booklist

Meet the Donnigans

With the eldest Donnigan brothers adjusting to civilian life, their younger sister constantly in trouble, and their little brother clueless about life in general, falling in love is the last thing on anyone’s mind…

Can this Bossy Badass Marine…

The Marine Corps was everything Landon Donnigan ever wanted in life…until a bullet sent him home with a medical discharge. Teaching a self-defense class at the gym is old-hat for a marine, but when he meets sexy Ava Rosenthal, his combat skills are useless for protecting his heart.

Be her Mr. Right?

Ava can take care of herself and likes quiet, bookish men-not muscular warriors who think women need to be coddled. But Landon is more than he seems, and when they come together, the results are explosive.

My Review


I’ve always loved how easy it is to get into a Marie Harte book. And even if you’ve never read her McCauley Series, a new reader would have no problem jumping feet first into this world with the Donnigans. But the thing that I loved most about this book was how interconnected the McCauley’s, Bad Boy Body Shop, and Donnigan series are. It’s so nice to see other characters popping up to make cameos, or hearing about how a favorite couple is doing. Totally warms my heart. These books all have a small town feel without feeling like you’re jumping into the middle of a 15 book series and being lost because you didn’t start at the beginning.

I have been patiently   waiting to hear about the Donnigan family who just happen to be the McCauley’s cousins. I am beyond happy to be back in this world that takes place in Seattle and the cozy Queen Anne neighborhood. I absolutely LOVED Landon and Ava! These have to be two of the most fleshed out romance characters that I’ve read in a long time. Maybe, EVER! And this book was laugh out loud funny! I was hoping that people couldn’t hear me snort laughing in my car while I was reading during my lunch breaks.

Landon Donnigan is one of the most complex alpha characters that I’ve read and it just made me love him even more. He’s type A. bossy, smart, quick on his feet with a comeback, protective, sweet, and sexy. Landon is recently out of the military and adjusting to civilian life. He’s been casually dating, but hasn’t found a woman that he really wants to spend time with until he meets Ava at the gym. When they first meet, they have serious burn your e-reader to ashes chemistry. I’m still fanning myself. Dr. Ava Rosenthal is a clinical psychologist who is a woman I could easily be best friends with. She’s sarcastic, snarky, intelligent, independent, witty, and sassy.

Landon and Ava together are serious real life relationship goals. Their witty back and forth banter is what dreams are made of. I love how much they were able to have fun with each other in and out of bed. And how much they actually truly got to know each other. Nothing was implied, you felt like you were getting to know them as individuals and as a couple. I really enjoyed how this book wasn’t just about Landon and Ava, but also the supporting cast of characters as well. Both of their families play major rolls in their lives, and you can tell that how much they all love and care for each other. Even when they are annoyed and feel like punching someone in the gut. Elliot, Ava’s cousin and best friend has to be one of the best supporting characters in this book. He has some of the best one liners and had me cackling to myself like a crazy person.

“Oh? Want to bet on the size of his package? I saw you’re wrong about it being tiny. That man is totally rocking the hammock.”

“The what?” 

He grinned. “The banana hammock? You know, his stretchy underwear to make room for all that…maleness.” 

HA! The man could totally be on a character on Will & Grace! I’m holding Marie to writing a book for Elliot and his smexy love interest. I need and want! Have to have it! I also can’t wait to have the next books in this series. JUST THE THING isn’t out until July 4, 2017. *Sad jazz hands* Until then, I at least have the first two books in the Body Shop Bad Boys series to keep me occupied.

Even though this book wasn’t all about the sexy times with Landon and Ava, when we finally did get to them, they were complete FIRE. Just an amazing balance of dirty, sweet, and sexy. Really the whole book was a great balance between substance and sex, so I’m easily calling this now as my #1 favorite book of 2016. It really was just perfect. Between the fun, witty one-liners and how much Marie made it a point to show that it’s ok to seek out therapy and how normal it is, no matter how strong you are or are perceived to be. With each new book that she releases, her writing skills just become better and better. She will always be an auto-buy author for me.

So if you love Jill Shalvis and Tessa Bailey, then Marie Harte is a perfect combination of the two and she will end up becoming one of your favorite authors as well.

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