Dear Professor by Blaire Drake ARC Review



About Dear Professor 

Dear Professor,

Does it bother you that you’re ten years older than me?
Have you ever thought it’s wrong that you watched me fuck another guy on camera for months?
What do you want from me, really? All I wanted was my letter of recommendation, but now I’m stuck, aren’t I? Stuck under your thumb… And your body.
From cam girl to personal whore, and all by the age of twenty-one. You’ve got me good, haven’t you?
But guess what? I can play too. Grab the polish, because I’ve found your skeleton, and it’s time to dust.
I’ll see you in class.
Oh and, Sir? I’m not wearing any panties.

Love, Darcy

P.s. you’re an asshole.


My Review 



*Favorite of 2015* 

This book. OMG. What else can I say but that I absolutely LOVED it! I even found myself putting it down and reading it slowly because I just didn’t want this story to end. And when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it wondering what was going to happen next. Total reading catch-22!

This book falls under the category of a taboo student/teacher romance. Professor Jordan Keaton is a history professor at a university in Chicago and is known for being a hard ass and a bastard when it comes to his students. He grades hard and makes them work even harder. Darcy Hamilton attends the same college and is one of Jordan’s students. She is his top student and his one of the only ones in his class to receive exceptional grades. But Darcy has a secret. She is a cam girl and performing on camera to pay her way through undergrad and hopefully law school. Jordan has a secret. He has been watching Darcy online for months now. Darcy wants something that the only the professor can give her. Jordan just wants Darcy.

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The whole time that I was reading this book, I couldn’t believe that this was Blaire Drake’s debut novel. Then after a quick internet search I found out that the name is a pseudonym for a best selling New York Times author who wants to write erotica. Well no wonder I was highlighting half the book with quotes that I just fell in love with! This book is well written and obviously penned by someone who has been working on her craft for a while now. I loved that this book was told first from Darcy’s point of view and then in third person from Jordan’s point of view. I really think that brings a unique touch to the story and really makes everything flow seamlessly. And if you think this book is just about the sex, you’re wrong. The FEELS! Oh the feels. Darcy isn’t just some cam girl slut. There’s so much more to her. Jordan isn’t just a domineering bastard. He actually has a heart and soul that he doesn’t like to take out and parade around. He likes his cold and hard reputation.


The sex. It’s off the charts hot! If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that I love my dirty talking alpha’s and Tessa Bailey is the queen in my book. Well watch out, Blaire Drake is hot on her heels! Jordan is commanding, mysterious, possessive, and filthy. He has a dark past and is unapologetic about his sexual cravings and his asshole ways. Darcy is strong, confident, super sassy, swears like a sailor, a refuses to let anybody make her feel less than or demean her for being a cam girl. And he happens to be the only woman who can tempt Jordan and even call him out on his shit.


Jordan and Darcy might have come together for all of the wrong reason, but after time it becomes blindingly clear that they have so much more in common and have a deeper connection than just sex. They can heal parts of each other that they thought were not able to be fixed and long dead.

Dear Professor is smut at it’s best. Blaire Drake, whoever you are I hope you keep writing in this genre because you are beyond talented and I am so grateful that you allowed me the chance to read and review your debut erotica novel. You are forever on my auto buy list.

XOXO, Rachael


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