How I Started Reading Romance & Sports Romance TBR


I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember, but I haven’t always read romance. As a kid I was addicted to Mary Higgins Clark and James Patterson mysteries. The furthest I had ventured into romance land was when I read Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. Then the year I turned 14, I spent the summer in Chicago with my aunt and grandma who were voracious readers. I remember staying in the spare bedroom/reading room which was lined with books. I can’t even tell you how many Nora Roberts and Judith McNaught books I saw staring back at me on a daily basis. I flipped through them, but I still didn’t pick one up to read from cover to cover.

Flash forward four years and at 18, I finally decide to pick up The Villa by Nora Roberts and I completely immersed myself in that story and devoured that book. I was officially hooked! I loved the suspense, the mystery, and the romance. From there I moved onto Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught and anything by Carla Neggers that I could get my hands on. Then for some reason I just stopped reading romance.

A few years later when my college courses became a little easier, I decided to start reading again for fun. I was looking for an escape; something light, flirty, and fun. I was really into sports at this time and went searching for sports romance. Well I found a plethora of sports romance novels to binge on.




I read the first three books  The Hot Zone series by Carly Phillips in a matter of days. (At the time, only the first three books were published) This series follows a trio of sisters who run a sports PR firm with their uncle and we get to watch them fall for their professional football player clients. These books are fun, sassy, and sexy! A must read for any sports romance fan and a good place to jump into romance.

Next I moved on to the Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. This series made me go crazy for romance books. I was officially addicted. This series begins with female owner of a fictional professional football team in Chicago who inherits the team from her father. She knows next to nothing about football, but she somehow manages to lead her team to greatness and fall in love. The rest of the series follows a few of the other football players and even travels to Texas and follows a group of professional golfers.

Another great sports romance series that caught my attention was the Chinooks Hockey series by Rachel Gibson. The I moved on to any and everything that I could get my hands on by Susan Mallery, Christie Craig, Christie Ridgway, Lisa Kleypas, Deidre Martin, Robin Kaye, Robyn Carr, and Toni Blake. Since then, I haven’t looked back. But my first love is still sports romance. So much so that I have a separate TBR dedicated to the sports romances that I hope to get to soon.


As if my TBR isn’t big enough, I’ve decided to sort of split things up my genre to narrow down what I’d like to read immediately. So here are a some of the sports romance books that I hope read over the next six months or so.

How did you start reading romance? Are you a big sports romance junkie like me?

xoxo, Rach


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